Lucrezia Roda, born 1992, is a young freelance photographer based in Como, in Northern Italy. After earning a diploma in classic literature, she began to follow photography classes in Milan, attending the IIF- Italian Institute of Photography where she had the chance to improve her photographic technique and to regularly practise studio lighting on set.

In 2015 she decided to quit dim photographic studios for ever dimmer theaters: driven by her love for drama and for the backstage life, she enrolled at La Scala Theatre Academy, improving her skills and graduating in Stage Photography.

She has always been a passionate art lover, with a weakness for conceptual art, and in the last few years she has approached the world of fine art photography.

In 2016 her first personal exhibition opened in Milan with "Steel-Life", a project that reflected her study into metal, steel and metallurgical industries, which continues in 2018 through the lenses of a microscope with "About Metal (about me)". Driven by the desire to always fill her eyes and her mind with old and new emotions, she credits photography and writing as the most effective means to express herself.

lucrezia Roda

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