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about Metal (about me)

"The interest in metals led me to observe this matter from different viewpoints. While conducting research, I had the opportunity to analyze a metal surface through the lenses of a microscope. It was a C4C steel section, with a production flaw – a tiny hole, smaller than a needle – that could barely be seen.

I placed it under the artificial ray of light of the instrument and looked at it through the ocular lenses. Its almost invisible imperfection suddenly looked like a deep dark crater. It inevitably reminded me of an endless tunnel of fear, which appeared before my eyes just by slightly rolling the coarse focus knob. That vision was the alarming metaphor of how I felt back then.

Among all the good habits I can't get into, there is just one I have always stuck to: filling blank sheets of papers with words to get a little bit of dark out of my head. The written thoughts mysteriously mingled with that image, which weaseled it way in my feelings and marked them forever.

This fascinating alchemy pushed me to observe any metal object I could lay under the microscope lenses. My rings, keys, that earring that I'm always losing and finding again. The lion. The bullet. The engraved watch band, my fountain pen, nuts and bolts, nails, screws. Invisible imaginary miniature worlds, described with words I never used before."

Lucrezia Roda

about Metal (about me)

Giclée print on baryta paper, mounting on Dibond

5 + II A.P.

30x45 cm (unframed)

Certification of authenticity and printing

lucrezia Roda

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